Fantasy Rebranding: Oceanic Airlines

Originally Published March 22, 2017

One of my favorite things to do is to dig into a story and reimagine designs. Maybe go back to a time before the movie takes place, back to when a fictional company was founded. So far one of my favorite examples of this is Oceanic Airlines from Lost. 
The actual canon history of the company is pretty thin, and I'm basing most of this off of promotional material from Comic Con in 2009, but it's all I have. 
Oceanic Airlines is shown in the present day 2004 Lost storyline with this, in my opinion, HORRIBLE logo.


If you read into it you find that there's actually a reason for this strange arrangement of circles, but I still don't find any of this design appealing. It's very reflective of the early 2000's. But, what would the logo have looked like if you went back to when the company was supposedly founded in 1979? 

1970's graphic design is incredible. Thick strokes, lots of lines and shapes, earth tones. It's an amazing sandbox to play in. 
I went into this wanting to make a specific kind of logo. A single self contained image with thick strokes and simplified imagery. 
The old Philippine Airlines logo was a huge inspiration to me. The logo and the type immediately take you back to the time period. 

OceanicType.jpg has an incredible catalogue of fonts under the 1970s tag so I found a very bold display font that I found evoked the spirit of the 70s, and a complimentary sans serif font.

Once I started to compile all of these elements together I decided to flesh it out and make a style guide for the fictional company.

Screen Shot 2018-01-05 at 10.56.33 AM.png

So that's all for my fantasy Oceanic Airlines rebranding!

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OceanicButtonMockup (1).png